Meet Michelle, Our CEO & Founder

It's October 7th, 2021, and a groundbreaking idea is about to be conceived during a routine lunch break at a bank. As Michelle Wilson observed a diligent bank teller tirelessly navigating a keyboard, serving a myriad of customers, a profound concern washed over her - the lurking presence of harmful bacteria in a world gripped by the relentless clutch of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At that moment, a spark ignited within her as people punched in their PIN codes using bare hands, all sharing the same uncleaned keyboard and PIN pad. What followed was nothing short of visionary – the birth of the Shellicone Finger Protector, a truly effective guardian shielding against germs on public surfaces. Michelle envisioned a world where this vital tool would be accessible to all, particularly to those who are vigilant about germs like germaphobes. The divine idea was just the beginning. She dreamed of a dual-purpose solution that incorporated a powerful LED light with an SOS function.

The journey from dream to reality was no small undertaking and came with many challenges. Michelle devoted hours each day and several months to assembling the right engineering team. Despite her limited engineering background, bolstered only by a few college courses, she and her team dedicated two years and thousands of hours to perfecting the silicone finger protector. Motivated by God-given dreams of its success and visions of five-star reviews, Michelle knew she was on the right path to helping those who cringed at the thought of touching germs on public surfaces.

Believing wholeheartedly in Shellicone's uniqueness, she used investments and savings along with securing two additional streams of income to fund every aspect of the product, and she affectionately crowned her beloved Russian Blue cat, Royal Blue, as the official mascot.

"Be Germ Aware," a term that Shellicone pioneered for the brand, encourages people to be more vigilant about their surroundings, particularly in places where germs thrive, and to equip themselves with effective strategies to shield against these unseen adversaries.

Michelle became a one-woman powerhouse, donning multiple hats – inventor, product designer, marketing strategist (with help from her mom, Bobbie), and more. Her unyielding dedication led her to work tirelessly, often into the early morning hours. After the twentieth design, Michelle, struck by divine inspiration, crafted the breakthrough shape: a slimmer design marvel.

Recognizing the market gap for a product that seamlessly combined a finger germ shield with an LED flashlight, Michelle saw immense potential for Shellicone, especially among those who prioritized hygiene when navigating the unclean world outside.

Innovation is a family legacy, with a lineage of originators that included her father, Professor James D. Wilson, who revolutionized the arts and humanities education by modernizing curriculum at a local Detroit college. Her mother, Bobbie J. LaMaster, a compassionate innovator who founded the LaMaster Foundation, which provided food, clothing, and housing support to underprivileged residents of Fort Wayne, Indiana. And her uncle, George R. Wilson, who was a skilled tradesman and the genius behind some of the most innovative automotive inventions at General Motors in Lansing, MI.

In the gentle embrace of memories, the late (December 17, 2023) and legendary Bobbie J. LaMaster

The proud mother of Shellicone founder, Michelle Wilson, was a true champion of the product. In her role as the person who added her touch to every color, style, and design decision, Bobbie collaborated closely with the Executive Brand Designer and Founder at Shellicone. Together, they weaved the very essence of the brand into a tapestry of warmth and resonance across diverse marketing channels.

Her ultimate marketing vision? Making Shellicone a trusted brand for superior germ-shielding in public places!

Bobbie's creativity radiated with an enduring brilliance. It wasn't just about crafting logos, curating website content, sculpting social media gems, or helping to design captivating packaging. With decades of experience and her steadfast companion, Shellicone Cat, they harmoniously crafted a unified brand message that resonated across every marketing avenue. With every Shellicone success story we will think of our first cheerleader and supporter of Shellicone. Bobbie’s legacy will carry on forever in our hearts.

The Secret Sanitary Files

A Message From Royal Blue A.K.A Shellicone Cat

So, “Hooman…” the only question is: Do You have what it takes to join the Shellicone Army?

Howdy Friends…

It’s Royal Blue here, anti-germ defender and the proud mascot of Shellicone’s one of a kind finger protector with the built in LED flashlight. Now, I know what you’re thinking…

…What does a cat know about fighting germs, anyways?

Well, aside from the fact that I am a Russian Blue house cat who loves playing kitty soccer with my “mice babies” and rolling on the floor while rubbing my whiskers in an adorable fashion…

I’ve also spent my last 9 lives sniffing out all of the shocking data on what’s really been hiding on all those public surfaces, chasing them all down into one place and putting all the answers you need together for you, so you can live every single day with cat-like confidence.

Shellicone is Purrfectt germ shielding finger protector that reminds us to “Be Germ Aware” at all times.