⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Trusted by Millions Of Germaphobes

Introducing Shellicone: Your Ultimate Finger Protector for Modern Living!

  • Simple to Use: Just slide on the Shellicone Finger Protector for instant coverage.
  • Non-Invasive: Engineered to keep you safe without the need for direct contact.
  • On-the-Go Safety: Carry wherever life takes you.
  • Disclaimer: Shellicone does not prevent any viral or bacterial infection including Covid. Seek a physician or healthcare provider for treatment.

How Shellicone Works?

  • When you go out in the public before you touch any germy surface slip Shellicone on your finger tip as a germ shield.
  • Activate light in low light environments.
  • Activate SOS light as a standard distress signal.


Join Millions of Germaphobes who take the perfect

Shellicone Finger Protector with them every time they leave

Our silicone finger protector keeps you from picking up
unwanted bacterial pathogens from a range of public surfaces including ATM and elevator
buttons to kiosks touchscreens, doorbells and airport touchscreens, plus everywhere in between.

According to the CDC, many germs and viruses can live on dry public surfaces for weeks and can potentially affect a person for up to 48 hours after being deposited on a surface.

Shellicone has you covered!

  • For Germaphobes

  • Fits Long Nails

  • For Germy ATM

  • For Your Child

  • For Camping

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  • ☝🏽 Touchscreen Compatible

  • 🚨 Bright LED Light

  • ⚡️ Up to 500 Charges

  • 💖 Over 1 Hour of Light Function

Reviews by Shellicone Lovers

  • Lynn G.

    As a nurse, Shellicone helps prevent germ transmission. Its convenience is invaluable. Thank you!

  • Brad J.

    My kids adore Shellicone for the fun they have with its light feature. I'm grateful for its germ-protection too!

  • Dianne S.

    As a germaphobe, Shellicone is a blessing. It significantly reduces my anxiety about touching germs in public.

How we stack up?

Shellicone takes the lead when stacked against other self-defense tools, offering ease of use, and more.

Shellicone Finger Protector is your go-to source to keep your fingers from touching billions of icky, crawling, creeping microscopic germs lurking silently in public spaces. It’s an LED flashlight too!