Do Germs Make Your Skin Crawl?

We’ve Got You Covered with the Best Shell of Protection for your Fingers.

Be Germ Aware

Shellicone finger protector is your go-to source to keep your fingers from not having to touch billions of icky, crawling, creeping microscopic organisms lurking silently in pubic spaces, specially made with modern convenience in mind. It’s an LED flashlight too!

Unsanitary Surfaces

Our silicone finger protectors keep you from picking up unwanted bacterial guests from a range of public surfaces including ATM and elevator buttons to kiosk touchscreens and doorbells, plus everywhere in between.

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Giving You Light In Darkness

Our finger protectors come with a built in led flashlight you can activate with the push of a button. Anytime you need any area illuminated you will be set, featuring sos signal option! Hook it on your keys or backpack, beltloop or other convenient items with the built in keychain silicone connector!

"Germs Will Always Be Around… Just Not On Your fingertips!”

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